Kehrwieder Chocolaterie

S A I A K A N G  C H O C O L A T E R I E


Address: Saiakang 1 (Raekoja Plats) (map)

Opening hours: Sun-Thu 08:00 - 23:00

                          Fri-Sat   08:00 - 01:00


Kirsika Maltis, +372 5245645 


In the heart of Old Town, our Saiakang Chocolaterie sits in the lower level amongst medieval posts and walls. Candle-lit day and night, this is the perfect place to sit and unwind with friends or a friendly book. Grab a drink to go when you leave or if you're just passing by - hõõgvein (hot mulled wine) is a perfect choice for roaming the cobblestoned streets.


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